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Trust Speech Analytics to Discover The True Performance of Your Customer Communications

Speech Analytics a Proven Consultative Approach

The application of speech analytics will have an immediate and profoundly positive impact on all areas of your business, which uses the telephone as the primary medium for communication. By following our proven consultative approach you will gain those benefits quickly and cost effectively, without the need for capital investment. more...

Executive Introduction to Speech Analytics
What, why and how speech analytics will transform your business more...

Uncovering 1st Time Resolution Issues
A case study. While performing analysis on compliance for an FSA regulated customer, speech analytics discovered a large number of short calls amongst the expected longer sales calls more...

A Proven Consultative Approach
our proven consultative approach will enable you to analyse 100% of your customer communications against key words and phrases important to your organisations objectives, without the need for capital investment. more...

Regain control of your customer communication
A case study. By using speech analytics to listen to, analyse and act upon 100% of customer communications... more...

Detecting Call Centre Fraud
A case study. Speech analytics allows companies who deal with and record large numbers of telephone applications to listen to every call

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